Table 4

Unadjusted cigarette smoking status at Wave 5 among recent former cigarette smokers* by use of non-cigarette tobacco products assessed at Wave 4

Exposure as RFS assessed in 2017 (W4)Cigarette smoking status in 2019 (W5)
Sample typeSample sizeSuccessfully quitRelapsed
12+ months, no puffSignificant re-quit† (3–12 months)Re-quit
(0–3 months)
Current smoker
Wtd%95% CIWtd%95% CIWtd%95% CIWtd%95% CI
Daily e-cigarette useContinuing cohort‡9645.334.1 to 56.514.98.4 to to 6.136.924.0 to 49.9
Total W4 population§11543.232.5 to 54.017.411.0 to to 5.936.424.9 to 47.9
Non-daily e-cigarette useContinuing cohort5229.314.7 to 43.915.34.9 to 25.812.44.9 to 25.843.026.4 to 59.6
Total W4 population7434.621.2 to to 23.414.26.6 to 21.737.122.4 to 51.7
Daily use of other tobacco products¶Continuing cohort6538.423.8 to to to 20.442.927.1 to 58.7
Total W4 population7843.630.5 to to 14.811.51.2 to 21.737.323.4 to 51.2
Non-daily use of other tobacco productsContinuing cohort9942.731.8 to 53.718.19.2 to 26.95.90 to 12.033.322.5 to 44.2
Total W4 population12144.734.2 to to to 14.931.522.1 to 40.9
Any cigar use**Continuing cohort15644.034.9 to to to 13.335.225.8 to 44.7
Total W4 population19444.136.0 to to to 13.833.825.6 to 42.1
Any combusted tobacco product use††Continuing cohort17840.932.2 to 49.513.87.7 to to 14.636.727.4 to 46.1
Total W4 population22442.634.1 to 51. 213.98.5 to to 14.634.325.6 to 43.0
No tobacco useContinuing cohort57652.847.5 to to to 6.633.128.1 to 38.1
Total W4 population70152.947.8 to to to 7.631.226.8 to 35.7
  • Other tobacco product use: any use of other e-products, cigar, cigarillo, filtered cigar, pipe, hookah, snus or smokeless tobacco.

  • *Recent former cigarette smoker: those who were not smoking cigarettes at Wave 4 but who were established smokers 1 year earlier.

  • †Re-quit is a relapse to smoking since the previous survey followed by an additional quit attempt (we classify 3+ months off as a significant re-quit attempt).

  • ‡The continuing cohort were W4 respondents who had been surveyed at previous PATH Study waves (W1–W3).

  • §The total W4 population is the continuing cohort + refreshment sample and includes all people interviewed for the PATH Study in 2017 (W4). The purpose of the refreshment sample (those first interviewed at W4) was to reset the size of the cohort and reduce the weighting needed to make estimates that were nationally representative of the US population.

  • ¶Other tobacco use includes all other tobacco products including the combusted tobacco products and smokeless products, but not e-cigarettes.

  • **Any cigar use includes traditional cigars, cigarillo and filtered cigars.

  • ††Any combusted tobacco product use: any use of cigar, cigarillo, filtered cigar, pipe or hookah.

  • RFS, recent former smokers; Wtd, weighted US population estimate.;