Table 1

Characteristics of PATH Study Wave 4 tobacco use

W4 continuing cohort*W4 continuing cohort+refreshment sample†
nWtd%95% CI (%)nWtd%95% CI (%)
W4 population24 90530 970
Smoking prevalence 12 months before W4856419.6(19.0 to 20.2)10 61419.7(19.2 to 20.3)
Daily cigarette smokers628674.1(72.9 to 75.3)770573.3(72.1 to 74.4)
Non-daily cigarette smokers227825.9(24.7 to 27.1)290926.7(25.6 to 27.9)
Recent quit attempters (in year prior to W4)287032.8(31.6 to 33.9)357832.8(31.8 to 33.9)
Product used in quit attempt
Any e-cigarettes36311.6(10.2 to 13.0)48812.6(11.3 to 13.9)
Non e-cigarette tobacco product‡672.3(1.7 to 2.9)912.5(1.9 to 3.1)
No tobacco product but any NRT§ or pharmaceutical aid¶56620.7(18.9 to 22.5)70020.6(18.9 to 22.3)
No product187465.4(63.4 to 67.4)229964.3(62.4 to 66.1)
Recent former smokers (RFS) at W4103511.9(10.9 to 12.8)132312.4(11.6 to 13.3)
Product used by RFS at W4
Daily e-cigarettes1109.3(7.1 to 11.5)1369.1(7.1 to 11.0)
Non-daily e-cigarettes615.3(3.7 to 6.9)946.2(4.7 to 7.7)
Non-e-cigarette tobacco product‡18815.6(13.0 to 18.1)24015.9(13.6 to 18.2)
Tobacco-free67669.8(66.5 to 73.1)85368.8(65.9 to 71.8)
  • *The continuing cohort were interviewed on each of the previous PATH waves (W1, W2, W3).

  • †The W4 continuing cohort + refreshment sample includes all people interviewed for the PATH Study in 2017 (W4). The purpose of the refreshment sample (those first interviewed at W4) was to reset the size of the cohort and reduce the weighting needed to make estimates that were nationally representative of the US population.

  • ‡Other products used by recent former smokers were those from the cigar family (traditional cigars, cigarillos and filtered cigars) and the smokeless family (snus pouches, loose snus, moist snuff, dip, spit and chewing tobacco).

  • §NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) includes nicotine patch, gum, inhaler, nasal spray, lozenge or pill.

  • ¶Pharmaceutical aid includes Chantix, varenicline, Wellbutrin, Zyban or bupropion.

  • W4, Wave 4; Wtd, weighted US population estimate (W4 single-wave weights were used).