Table 7

Own-price and cross-price elasticity of RYO smoking intensity†

Mean price modelMedian price model
Model 1‡Model 2‡Model 1Model 2
MC prices0.048(0.437)−0.121(0.357)0.302(0.398)0.189(0.339)
RYO prices−0.355**(0.157)−0.415**(0.183)−0.375**(0.169)−0.407**(0.173)
Sociodemographic covariates§xxXx
Anti-smoking sentimentxxXx
Smoking restrictionsxx
  • Source: authors’ calculation based on the 2019 STC-SEE data.

  • *** p<0.01, ** p<0.05, * p<0.1.

  • †Dependent variable in the RYO smoking intensity model is the natural logarithm of number of RYO cigarettes smoked per day. Coefficients indicate the per cent change in RYO smoking intensity resulting from the per cent change in MC and RYO prices.

  • ‡Model 1 includes control only for s-regional level for anti-smoking sentiment, while model 2 includes controls for both s-regional level for anti-smoking sentiment and smoking restriction.

  • §Sociodemographic controls include the following characteristics: age (and its square), gender, education, labour market status, household size and household income category.

  • MC, manufactured cigarette; RYO, roll-your-own; STC-SEE, Survey on Tobacco Consumption in Southeastern European countries.