Table 3

Estimated baseline composition of bidi market in 2018–2019

Duty paidDuty exemptAll bidis
Average producer price (INR/25)
Average margin (INR/25)
Average retail price (INR/25)21.016.419.5
Average duty (INR/25)*
Average GST (INR/25)†
Average tax (INR/25)
Consumption (billion sticks)275125400
Smokers (million adults)492271
Smoking rate (% adults)
Duty revenue (INR billion)
GST revenue (INR billion)50.53.654.2
Total tax revenue (INR billion)50.83.654.5
  • *Duty=1.05 per 1000 sticks.

  • †GST on the retailer’s margin for duty exempt bidis.

  • GST, Goods and Services Tax.