Table 1

A comparison of guidelines to limit industry interference in public policy

WHO guidelines for implementation of FCTC Article 5.3Proclamation 1112/2019, EthiopiaExtent of fit
Raise awareness about the addictive and harmful nature of tobacco products and about tobacco industry interference with parties’ tobacco control policiesOmitted completely
Establish measures to limit interactions with the tobacco industry and ensure the transparency of those interactions that occurInteractions between any government organ responsible for the adoption of public health policy and the tobacco industry shall be limited to only those strictly necessary or effective regulation of the tobacco industry or tobacco products

Any interaction made in accordance with subarticle (1) of this article, and whenever the tobacco industry contacts the government to initiate an interaction of any kind, the appropriate government official shall ensure full transparency of the interaction and of the contact, and it shall be appropriately documented
Broad consistency
Reject partnerships and non-binding or non-enforceable agreements with the tobacco industryOmitted completely
Avoid conflicts of interest for government officials and employeesNo person having financial or other interest in the tobacco industry may participate in tobacco control training, workshop or related events unless in accordance with an invitation by the relevant health regulator

No government organ or an official working in the area of health policy should receive any financial or in-kind contribution from the tobacco industry
Broad consistency
Require that information provided by the tobacco industry be transparent and accurateOmitted completely
Denormalise and, to the extent possible, regulate activities described as ‘socially responsible’ by the tobacco industry, including but not limited to activities described as ‘corporate social responsibility’Any financial or in-kind charitable or any other related contribution by a tobacco industry shall be prohibitedPartial coverage
Do not give preferential treatment to the tobacco industryOmitted completely
Treat state-owned tobacco industry in the same way as any other tobacco industryOmitted completely
  • FCTC, WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.