Table 3

Commercial actor overall response rate and support for each e-cigarette policy proposal suggested in the policy consultation process

Proposed regulationResponse rate*% of actors agreeing with the proposal (and # of supportive responses)Support by actor category
TTC, TTC subsidiaries and TTC-affiliated organisations (n=11)
2. Independent e-cigarette companies
3. Organisations licensed to make/sell medicines
Retailers/organisations not licensed to make/sell medicine (n=6)
5. Advertising industry representatives (n=3)
Regulatory proposals relating to age of sale (AoS)
The minimum AoS for e-cigarettes should be set at 18.81% (n=26)78% (n=25)82% (n=9)100% (n=3)78% (n=7)100% (n=6)0% (n=0)
AoS regulation should apply to all products, not just those containing nicotine.63% (n=20)59% (n=19)73% (n=8)67% (n=2)67% (n=6)50% (n=3)0% (n=0)
AoS regulation offence should apply to both retailer and purchaser.56% (n=18)31% (n=10)27% (n=3)33% (n=1)33% (n=3)50% (n=3)0% (n=0)
Sales of e-cigarette devices and refills from self-service vending machines should be banned.72% (n=23)50% (n=16)27% (n=3)67% (n=2)78% (n=7)67% (n=4)0% (n=0)
AoS restrictions should also apply to e-cigarette accessories.56% (n=18)22% (n=7)9% (n=1)33% (n=1)44% (n=4)17% (n=1)0% (n=0)
It should be an offence to proxy purchase e-cigarettes.72% (n=23)69% (n=22)73% (n=8)100% (n=3)56% (n=5)100% (n=6)0% (n=0)
There should be an age verification policy ‘Challenge 25’.75% (n=24)50% (n=16)64% (n=7)67% (n=2)33% (n=3)67% (n=4)0% (n=0)
Penalties for selling e-cigarettes to under-18s should be the same as for tobacco.63% (n=20)31% (n=10)36% (n=4)33% (n=1)22% (n=2)50% (n=3)0% (n=0)
Regulatory proposals relating to e-cigarette advertising
There should be regulation of domestic advertising.69% (n=22)38% (n=12)45% (n=5)33% (n=1)44% (n=4)33% (n=2)0% (n=0)
Regulation of advertising of e-cigarettes should be in addition to that introduced by the EU Tobacco Products Directive.75% (n=24)22% (n=7)18% (n=2)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Billboard advertising should be banned.59% (n=19)19% (n=6)9% (n=1)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Leafletting should be banned.59% (n=19)19% (n=6)9% (n=1)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Brand stretching should be banned.63% (n=20)22% (n=7)18% (n=2)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Free distribution of e-cigarettes should be banned.66% (n=21)19% (n=6)9% (n=1)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Nominal pricing for e-cigarettes should be banned.63% (n=20)19% (n=6)9% (n=1)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Point of sales advertising should be banned.63% (n=20)19% (n=6)9% (n=1)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Events sponsorship should be banned.63% (n=20)22% (n=7)18% (n=2)0% (n=0)56% (n=5)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
Regulatory proposals relating to e-cigarette retailers
There should be a Scottish Retailer Register for e-cigarette devices and refills.72% (n=23)28% (n=9)27% (n=3)33% (n=1)22% (n=2)50% (n=3)0% (n=0)
The offences and penalties should reflect those already in place for the Scottish Tobacco Retailers Register.66% (n=21)31% (n=10)27% (n=3)33% (n=1)33% (n=3)50% (n=3)0% (n=0)
Sales of e-cigarettes by those under 18 should be prohibited.75% (n=24)22% (n=7)36% (n=4)0% (n=0)11% (n=1)33% (n=2)0% (n=0)
Regulatory proposals relating to use of e-cigarettes in public places
Use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces should be banned.63% (n=20)9% (n=3)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)33% (n=3)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
  • *Response rate=percentage/number of actors that expressed a view either in support of or opposition to the proposed regulation. Balance represents missing or unclear data that is: actors not expressing a clear view.

  • †Percentage represents the support within each actor category.