Table 2

Classification of commercial actors engaged in the Scottish policy debate on e-cigarette regulation, their responses to the Scottish Government consultation, and average support for policy proposals

Categories of industry sectorsDefinitionOrganisations submitting consultation responsesConsultation responses and interviewees#response and % of possible responses (n=21)Supportive responses
1. TTC, TTC subsidiaries and TTC-affiliated organisationsOrganisations submitting consultation responses which are either TTCs, owned by TTCs or had other direct links to TTCs (eg, through membership, partnership, etc) Transnational:
Consultation responses: n=11
Interviewees: n=2
91% (n=19)41% (n=8)
2. Independent e-cigarette companies with no direct links to TTCsCompanies producing e-cigarettes which are not owned by TTCs UK: Consultation responses: n=3
Interviewees: n=2
79% (n=17)39% (n=7)
3. Manufacturers, retail and wholesale organisations, licensed to make/sell medicines, including pharmaceutical companiesCompanies and other organisations, which are either licensed to make or sell medical products or represent those licensed to sell medical products Transnational:
Consultation responses: n=9
Interviewees: n=4
76% (n=16)75% (n=12)
4. Retailers, wholesale organisations and group representatives with an interest in selling e-cigarettes but not licensed to make/sell medicines Companies and other commercial organisations, which are not licensed to make or sell medical products UK:
Consultation responses: n=6
Interviewees: n=1
72% (n=15)44% (n=7)
5. Advertising industry representativesCompanies and other commercial organisations with an interest in advertising (including the advertising of e-cigarettes) UK: Consultation responses: n=3
Interviewees: n=0
10% (n=2)0% (n=0)
  • ECITA, Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association; FOREST, Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco; TTC, transnational tobacco corporation.