Table 1

Examples of filter innovations in the past 5 years (2015–2020)

Tobacco companyFilter innovationYear first introducedExample brands*Filter description/marketing slogan†
Philip Morris InternationalFirm filter2017Chesterfield (Menthol, Silver, Red, Blue)“Chesterfield with new premium features: Round corner box, firm filter”34
Firm filter2015Marlboro (Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast, White Menthol, Touch)35 Marlboro touch: “Quality blend, firm filter. Unbelievable but true”33
British American TobaccoTube Filter2020Vogue Essence Bleue & Compact Bleue36 “tube filter”36
Tube & firm filter (‘Taste Plus Filter’)2016Pall Mall Blue & Silver Capsule37 “Improved Pall Mall range with taste plus filter”38
Imperial Tobacco BrandsCrush filter2020L&B Blue, JPS Players“cool filter”; “For former Crushball smokers”24
Tube & firm filter2019L&B Blue39 “bright air filter”39
Firm filter2018JPS Real Blue40 “firm filter”40
Tube filter (‘flow channels’)2018JPS Silver Stream40 “smooth filter”40
Mineral & tube filter (‘easy draw channels’)2015JPS Triple Flow41 “Experience our ultimate smooth. Easy Draw channels, smooth tobacco blend, less smoke smell paper”42
Japan Tobacco InternationalTube filter2020Sovereign & Sterling New Dual43 “flow tech”43
  • *These are illustrative examples which are focused on the UK market and, as such, do not include all brands covered by the filter innovations listed.

  • †Marketing slogans are included where a corresponding advert could be identified in UK trade press (2015–2017: The Grocer, Retail Newsagent, Wholesale News; 2018–2020: Retail Newsagent).