Table 2

Studies reporting on nicotine delivery from a 5% strength JUULpod via a JUUL device using machine sampling

Study and flavours testedPuffInter Puff Interval# of puffsDeviceNicotineMarlboro Red filtered cigarette equivalents†
VolumeDurationmg in the e-liquid per podµg per puffIf 200 puffs per pod*
Mallock 20202
Virginia tobacco
55 mL3 s30 s20Standard linear smoking machine designed for e-cigarettes--72 µg14.4 mg13
Talih 202034
67 mL4 s10 s15AUB Aerosol Lab Vaping Instrument45.5 mg87 µg17.4 mg16
Talih 20191
67 mL4 s10 s15AUB Aerosol Lab Vaping Instrument48.0 mg137 µg27.4 mg25
Goniewicz 201931
Unspecified flavour
70 mL2 s10 s10‘Smoking machine’39.3 mg83 µg16.6 mg15
Reilly 201935
Fruit medley, mint, tobacco, crème brulee
75 mL2.5 s30 s10Human Puff Profile Cigarette Smoking Machine (CH Technologies, NJ)--164 µg32.8 mg30
Erythropel 201915
Eight flavours‡
79 mL2.8 s30 s20Custom-built vaping machine, liquid nitrogen-chilled traps--114 µg22.8 mg21
Omaiye 201914
Eight flavours‡
100 mL4.3 s60 s¾ of podCole-Parmer Masterflex L/S peristaltic pump42.6 mg144 µg28.8 mg26
  • *The JUUL website FAQ has indicated that each JUULpod offers about 200 puffs.36

  • †Per FTC testing protocol, Marlboro Red filtered 100 mm hard pack cigarette delivers 1.1 mg nicotine per cigarette.46 A more recent study reported Marlboro Red filtered regular 79 mm cigarette delivers 1.04 mg nicotine.47 Used here is the 1.1 mg nicotine value for 100 mm Marlboro Red hard pack cigarettes. Values rounded.

  • ‡Flavours tested: Crème Brulée, Fruit Medley, Mango, Cool Cucumber, Cool Mint, Classic Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Virginia Tobacco

  • FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions; FTC, Federal Trade Commission.