Table 1

Store characteristics, product availability and accessibility, interior marketing and exterior marketing and price

Store characteristics (n=75)Total (n%)Cohen’s kappa IRR*
Store type0.98
 Grocery store or supermarket15 (20.0%)
 Convenience store with or without a gas station35 (46.7%)
 Gas station (without a convenience store)9 (12.0%)
 Pharmacy/Drug store16 (21.3%)
Age restriction signage
 Interior57 (76.0%)0.93
 Exterior70 (93.3%)0.90
Product availability and accessibility (n=75)Total (n%)Cohen’s kappa IRR*
Sales of IQOS products‡
 Marlboro HeatSticks75 (100.0%)1.00*
 IQOS device0
Sales of HeatSticks flavours‡§
 Tobacco flavour74 (98.7%)1.00*
 Smooth menthol flavour74 (98.7%)0.66
 Fresh menthol flavour75 (100.0%)1.00*
Sales of other tobacco products‡
 E-cigarette products51 (68.0%)0.95
 Cigarettes75 (100.0%)1.00*
 Smokeless tobacco products75 (100.0%)1.00*
 Little cigars/cigarillos74 (98.7%)1.00*
Interior marketing (n=66)Total (n%)Cohen’s kappa IRR*
Interior IQOS marketing overall65 (98.5%)
Average # of interior IQOS marketing items overall (mean (range))3.4 (1, 8)
IQOS interior marketing
 IQOS-branded signs present64 (97.0%)1.00*
 Average # IQOS-branded signs¶ (mean (range))2.5 (1, 4)1.00*
 IQOS-branded displays40 (60.6%)0.87
 Average # IQOS-branded displays¶ (mean (range))1.1 (1, 3)0.89
 IQOS-branded shelving units1 (1.5%)1.00*
 Average # IQOS-branded shelving units¶ (mean (range))3 (3, 3)1.00*
 IQOS-branded functional items14 (21.2%)1.00*
 Average # IQOS-branded functional items¶ (mean (range))1.1 (1, 2)1.00*
Overall interior visual impact of IQOS marketing1.00*
 Free from any IQOS marketing1 (1.5%)
 Some IQOS marketing in one area65 (98.5%)
 A lot of IQOS marketing0
 Everywhere/In your face0
Interior IQOS marketing components**
 Suggest IQOS is healthier or improved compared with conventional cigarettes19 (28.8%)0.88
HeatSticks pack interior price promotions
 Pack multipack discount6 (9.1%)0.9
Interior e-cigarette marketing
 Overall46 (69.7%)
 E-cigarette branded signs45 (68.2%)0.9
 E-cigarette branded displays4 (6.1%)0.85
 E-cigarette branded shelving units15 (22.7%)0.96
 E-cigarette branded functional items0
Interior other tobacco marketing
 Overall65 (98.5%)
 Other tobacco branded signs65 (98.5%)0.39
 Other tobacco branded displays7 (10.6%)0.7
 Other tobacco branded shelving units16 (24.2%)0.82
 Other tobacco branded functional items1 (1.5%)0.98
Exterior marketing (n=75)Total (n%)Cohen’s kappa IRR*
Exterior IQOS marketing overall13 (17.3%)
Average # of exterior IQOS marketing overall¶ (mean (range))2.5 (1, 4)
Exterior IQOS marketing
 IQOS-branded signs10 (13.3%)1.00*
 Average # IQOS-branded signs¶ (mean (range))2.6 (1, 4)0.94
 IQOS-branded displays4 (5.3%)0.65
 Average # IQOS-branded displays¶ (mean (range))1.5 (1, 2)0.66
 IQOS-branded shelving units0
 IQOS-branded functional items0
Overall exterior visual impact of IQOS marketing0.75
 Free from any IQOS marketing63 (84%)
 Some IQOS marketing in one area7 (9.3%)
 A lot of IQOS marketing5 (6.7%)
 Everywhere/In your face0
Exterior IQOS marketing components**
 Suggest IQOS is healthier or improved compared with conventional cigarettes01.00*
HeatSticks pack exterior price promotions††
 Pack special price1 (1.3%)1.00*
Exterior e-cigarette marketing
 Overall30 (40%)
 E-cigarette branded signs29 (38.7%)0.97
 E-cigarette branded displays3 (4%)0.74
 E-cigarette branded shelving units0
 E-cigarette branded functional items0
Exterior other tobacco marketing
 Overall24 (32%)
 Other tobacco branded signs13 (17.3%)0.82
 Other tobacco branded displays10 (13.3%)0.88
 Other tobacco branded shelving units0
 Other tobacco branded functional items13 (17.3%)0.82
Product prices and discounts (n=75)Total (n%)Cohen’s kappa IRR*
HeatSticks pack‡‡
 # Stores sold75 (100%)1.00*
 # Stores with price data74 (98.7%)1.00*
 Average price (mean (SD))$6.40 (0.94)0.96
 Discount included25 (33.8%)0.84
Price methodology0.61
 Cashier provided price58 (77.3%)
 Advertised price16 (21.3%)
Marlboro Red pack‡‡
 # Stores sold75 (100%)1.00*
 # Stores with price data75 (100%)1.00*
 Average price (mean (SD))US$6.08 (0.83)0.97
 Discount included§§41 (54.7%)0.78
Price methodology0.57
 Cashier provided price48 (64.0%)
 Advertised price27 (36.0%)
  • *When the two coders were in perfect/complete agreement, the value of Cohen’s kappa IRR was assigned as 1.

  • †Other store types assessed included liquor stores, vape/tobacco shop/head shop, warehouse club/supercenter (including Walmart) and any other store types. None of these were found in our sample

  • ‡‡Accessibility was also assessed for these items. It was determined that, when available, all items were visible but not accessible by customers without the aid of a cashier. In addition, no IQOS products or HeatSticks were accessible by youth (placed within 12 inches of toys, candy, gum, slushy/soda machines or ice cream).

  • §No other flavours of HeatSticks were sold besides those authorised for sale by the FDA (smooth menthol, fresh menthol and tobacco flavours)

  • ¶The average number of IQOS-branded items per store was calculated using only stores that had IQOS-branded items. For example, the average number of interior IQOS-branded signs per store was calculated out of the stores that had IQOSbranded signs inside. The average number of IQOS-branded displays, shelving units and functional items per store were calculated similarly.

  • **We also assessed marketing for components suggesting: IQOS as a way to quit smoking; IQOS contains healthy ingredients; IQOS as a cheaper alternative to cigarettes; IQOS can be used in places where smoking is not allowed. In addition, we assessed the presence of marketing that included a QR code; was placed within 3 ft of floor; featured images or symbols (ie, photos, drawings, cartoons, etc) of young adults, racial minorities and/ or sexual minorities; promoted customer loyalty programmes or advertised promotional events. None of these was found in our sample.

  • ††We assessed stores for a variety of price promotions for the IQOS Device Kit, IQOS Device Bundle, HeatSticks carton and HeatSticks packs. Price promotions (of any kind) were not found for the IQOS Device Kit, IQOS Device Bundle or HeatSticks carton. In addition to multipack discounts and pack special price, we also assessed stores for US$ off coupons, gift with purchase and mail in coupons/points and none was found.

  • ‡‡We assessed stores for sales and prices of the IQOS Device Kit, IQOS Device Bundle, HeatSticks cartons, HeatSticks packs and Marlboro Red cigarettes packs. No stores directly sold the IQOS Device Kit, IQOS Device Bundle or HeatSticks cartons.

  • §§The percent of stores that included a discount was calculated only out of the stores that included price data.

  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration; IRR, inter-rater reliability.