Table 2

Tobacco-related indicators in Vietnam

Male Female Male Female Source
Relative risk1. et al 19
1.901.901.601.20Jha et al 25
Smoking prevalence (%)42.700.7046.701.30GATS 2015
SAF (%) by authors using RR from Liu et al 19
27.760.6321.890.26Calculated by authors using RR from Jha et al (2008)
  • Source: Authors’ calculation using VHLSS 2018, GSO-WB and Liu et al.19

  • GATS 2015, Global Adult Tobacco Survey Viet Nam 2015; GSO-WB, General Statistics Office of Vietnam and the World Bank; RR, relative risk; SAF, smoking-attributable fraction; VHLSS, Vietnam Household Living Standards Survey.