Table 3

Quantity and revenue before (baseline) and after T&T

Quantity and revenueBaselinePost-T&TChange
Consumption (million packs)12007804201101950151−99170−269
Gov revenue (R billion)18.6118.6122.4322.433.823.82
Specific (R billion)14.6514.6517.8517.853.203.20
VAT (R billion)3.963.964.584.580.620.62
T&T cost (R billion)3.823.82
Industry revenue (R billion)19.9911.768.2316.0912.713.38−3.900.95−4.85
  • Consumption indicates consumption once all substitution has occurred (within and across segments). The additional revenue and total cost of T&T are both highlighted, as these values are equal to each other by definition of the model (break-even).

  • T&T, track and trace.