Table 2

Quitting behaviour during the lockdown

nAttempt to quit (%)Successful quitter given quit attempt (%)Successful quitters from all pre-LD smokers (%)Intent-to-stay non-smokers, given successful quitting (%)
Females13 37323.727.66.669.4
Ethnicity and/or gender undisclosed212625.327.77.059.1
Total23 83527.
  • 1. The number of observations (n) refers to the respondents who have answered the first question ‘Have you attempted to quit smoking since the sale on cigarettes was banned due to lockdown (since 27 March)?’.

  • 2. ‘Attempt to quit’ is an indicator for whether or not the respondent had attempted to quit during the lockdown (asked of all respondents).

  • 3. ‘Successful quitter given quit attempt’ is an indicator for whether the respondent has been successful in the attempt to quit (asked only of those who had attempted to quit).

  • 4. ‘Successful quitters from all pre-LD smokers’ represents the number of individuals who had successfully quit, as a proportion of all respondents (including both those who had and had not attempted to quit).

  • 5. ‘Intent-to-stay non-smokers, given successful quitting’ is an indicator for whether successful quitters intended to start smoking again or not, after the cigarette sales ban (asked only of successful quitters).

  • LD, lockdown.