Table 4

Transitions between flavours/devices used most often among 2018 frequent adult ENDS users who were followed up in 2020, by smoking status (n=356)

2018 Flavour and device2018 smoking status2020 flavour and device
(all devices)
Non-tobacco/menthol flavours (disposables and tanks)Fruit/other flavoured cartridge*Reduced or quit vapingCumulative row %Switched flavour/device†
Tobacco/menthol/mint: all devicesDual users53 50.9 87.7610.94230.5109100.018.6
Ex-smokers57 75.8 46.617.61310.175100.014.2
Fruit/other flavours: disposables and tanksDual users55.629 49.0 42.92942.567100.08.5
Ex-smokers69.854 74.1 33.1913.172100.012.9
Fruit/other flavour: cartridges*Dual users746.0411.22 11.7 931.122100.057.2
Ex-smokers336.4215.26 48.5 00.011100.051.6
  • Data are weighted and adjusted for sex, age, time-in-sample and baseline smoking status (daily, non-daily and ex-smoker). Four smokers were missing ENDS flavour or device data at follow-up and were excluded.

  • *Flavour–device combination enforced under the 2020 federal policy. Light grey shading: respondents using a flavour/device exempt from the 2020 enforcement priority. Dark grey shading: respondents using a flavour/device not exempt from the 2020 enforcement priority.

  • †Respondents who continued to vape but switched to another flavour/device between 2018 and 2020. Bolded estimates: those who continued to use the same ENDS flavour/device. Due to small sample sizes, data should be interpreted with caution.

  • ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery systems.