Table 5

Location of last purchase among frequent adult ENDS users using fruit/other-flavoured cartridges in 2018 and 2020

Location of purchase2018 (n=66)2020 (n=84)
Weighted % (95% CI)
Internet25.0 (12.7 to 43.3)38.2 (2.8 to 56.4)
Vape shop22.5 (11.5 to 39.5)23.4 (12.1 to 40.4)
Other retail location42.7 (27.2 to 59.7)25.7 (13.4 to 43.5)
Somewhere else/don’t know9.9 (3.4 to 25.6)12.7 (4.0 to 33.5)
  • Data are weighted and adjusted for sex, age group, smoking status (daily, non-daily and ex-smoker) and time-in-sample. Other retail locations included: tobacco specialty shop, gas station, supermarket and convenience store. Somewhere else included: temporary or mobile sales location, outside the country and don’t know/remember. Statistical comparisons were not made due to low sample sizes.

  • ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery systems.