Table 3

Means and SD of variables included in construction model

VariablesMeans95% CIValue range
Cigarette production per unit GDP (Ciga)47 238.3346 895.04 to 47 581.6224 231–1 12 372
Cigarette production per unit population (Cigp)808.45797.09 to 819.8195–3649
Retail19 739.8919478.55 to 20001.191464–50835
Exposure to tobacco advertising (Adver)2.672.64 to 2.681.00–5.00
Attitude towards SHS exposure (Cares)2.322.31 to 2.341.00–4.00
Behaviour to prevent SHS exposure (Ban)2.422.40 to 2431.00–3.00
SHS exposure (SHS)1.281.27 to 1.291.00–2.00
  • Adver, exposure to tobacco advertising; Ban, behaviour to prevent; Cares, attitude towards SHS exposure; Ciga, cigarette production per unit gross domestic product; Cigp, cigarette production per unit population; Retail, tobacco retailer outlet density; SHS, secondhand smoke.