Table 1

Awareness of filter venting by smoking status for the full sample (n=11 844) (weighted data)

CategoryNo of observations% of sample% aware of filter ventilation% believe own cigarette has filter ventilation
Daily FMC smokers:754163.741.79.4
 Daily FMC only627253.040.29.9
 Daily mixed FMC and RYO126910.749.47.0
 Daily FMC only with usual brand570948.240.79.8
Daily RYO only9227.844.4NA
Non-daily smokers177014.931.98.4
Quit <2 years156313.239.1NA
All*11 84410040.36.5
  • *n=44 don’t know or refused type of cigarette question.

  • FMC, factory-made cigarette; NA, not applicable; RYO, roll your own.