Table 2

‘Filter ventilation beliefs’ for daily FMC smokers (n=7541) (weighted data)

N=7541A, aware/ believe usual cig ventedB, aware/ believe usual cig not ventedC, not aware of filter ventilation58.3
A vs (B+C)
% of daily FMC smokers9.432.358.3
By country
Canada (n=2146)8.535.356.1χ2 (3)=56.49,
USA (n=1604)<0.001
England (n=2750)8.532.359.2
Australia (n=1041)15.736.447.9
By gender
Female (n=3898)9.027.363.7χ2 (1)=1.31,
Male (n=3643)9.836.753.6n.s.
By age group
18–24 (n=1326)8.528.063.5χ2 (3)=76.15
25–39 (n=1587)12.828.259.0p<0.001
40–54 (n=2053)10.036.753.3
55+ (n=2575)5.433.561.1
By cigarettes per day
0–10 (3173)8.627.863.6χ2 (2)=4.74
11–20 (3203)
>20 (978) cases9.836.254.1
NB: 187 missing
  • Figures are row percentages.

  • FMC, factory-made cigarette.