Table 3

‘Filter ventilation beliefs’ by belief usual cigarette is smoother and less harmful among exclusive FMC daily smokers with usual brand (n=5709) (weighted data)

Beliefs about their usual cigarette compared with other respondentsVenting belief
A, believe usual cig ventedB, aware, but don’t believe usual cig ventedC, not aware of filter ventilationSignificance
A vs (B+C)
Usual cig is smoother*
Smoother (n=2880)64.850.448.6χ2 (1)=51.61,
About the same (n=2448)29.342.145.9p<0.001
Harsher (n=381)
Usual cig is less harmful†
Less harmful (n=471)χ2 (1)=35.09,
No different (n=4888)81.589.888.6p<0.001
More harmful (n=350)
  • Figures are column percentages.

  • *Don’t know or refused (n=345) recoded to ‘about the same’.

  • †Don’t know or refused (n=373) recoded to ‘no different’.

  • FMC, factory-made cigarette.