Table 1

E-liquid concept name themes and subthemes found among Premarket Tobacco Product Applications

Overarching themeSubthemeExamples of names submitted as characterising flavours
Physical and emotional experiencesColoursRainbow, Blue Voltage, Yellow, Red Frost
Drinking/drugs/altered mental statesBoozehound, Intoxicate, Cheers, Blasted
Ice and coolnessArctic Rush, Frostbite, Euphoria Extreme Ice, Polar Ice Cap
Party/music/sportsParty Fun, Game Fuel, Tasty Tunes Hip Hop, Home Run
Positive statesBlissful, Clarity, Relaxed, Luscious Nirvana
Rebellion/disruptionDerailed, Apocalyptic Infected, Killer, Al Capone
Sex and romanceLove Potion, Pillow Talk, Climax, Angel Kisses
Identities and statusJobsIllustrator, Cowboy, El Capitan, Officer
Money/royaltyKing, Cryptocurrency, Majestic, Bank Merger
US patriotism/politicsAmerica, All American, Patriotic, 2nd Amendment
Personal identitiesSouthern Belle, Regular Joe, Wise Guy, Flower Child
Personal namesAlice, Angelina, Carmen, Irving
Nature, geography and scienceAnimalsNerdy Tiger, Gorilla Juice, Gator Slush, Acid Fish
LocationsGeorgia Nights, Cuban Sunset, Jungle Love, City Scapes San Francisco
Space/technologyAsteroid Belt, Sputnik, Plasma, Distinctive Galileo
Weather/natural phenomenaTwister, Low Tide, Shaded Sunset, Cyclone
Mythology and legendUnicorn Attitude, Dragon Whisperer, Fairy Blood, Elf Magic, Camelot King Arthur
Popular culture/mediaAdams Family, Jedi, Dead Elvis, Aquaman, David Hasseltoff