Table 3

Estimated effects of regular vaping on smoking cessation/relapse

Unadjusted association between wave 8 regular vaping and smoking cessation/relapseControlled direct effect of wave 8 regular vaping on smoking cessation/relapse
OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)
Smoking cessation
 (Reference: Not regular vaper)
 Regular vaper1.28 (1.03–1.59)1.13 (0.82–1.55)
Smoking relapse
 (Reference: Not regular vaper)
 Regular vaper2.75 (2.02–3.73)2.97 (2.10–4.22)
  • Regular vaping is defined as vaping at least weekly. The unadjusted association uses UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) wave 8 sampling weights to account for survey design and non-response but does not adjust for any confounders. The controlled direct effect uses inverse probability weighted marginal structural modelling to additionally adjust for exposure-outcome confounders and mediator-outcome confounders.