Table 2

Prevalence of increased reception of tobacco product coupons by demographics, prepandemic commercial tobacco use and financial hardships

VariableReceived more coupons than before pandemic for…
Cigarettes (%)Electronic vaping products (%)Cigars and cigarillos (%)Hookah and other combustible tobacco products (%)Smokeless tobacco (%)
 Black/African American12.511.910.412.08.2
Marital status
 Has a partner7.
 No partner10.78.55.810.36.7
Highest level of education
 ≤High school8.
 >High school9.
Prepandemic current commercial tobacco use
 Electronic vaping products11.614.39.512.510.7
 Hookah/combustible tobacco products17.416.415.621.116.3
 Smokeless tobacco15.214.914.121.416.8
Hardship score