Table 1

Distributions of demographics, prepandemic commercial tobacco use and financial hardships among US adults who used CT during the 12 months prior to the survey, 2021

VariableUnweighted nWeighted %
Age: mean (SE)=42.70 (0.57)
 Black/African American31013.59
Marital status
 Has a partner91253.57
 No partner78846.43
Highest level of education
 ≤High school56947.77
 >High school113152.23
Income level
 <$50 00098760.58
 ≥$50 00071139.42
Prepandemic current commercial tobacco product use
 Electronic vaping products62430.29
 Hookah or other combustible tobacco products43620.17
 Smokeless tobacco28314.38
Financial hardships
 Since the COVID-19 pandemic, participants experienced not enough money to:
 Pay for food60135.24
 Pay for rent or mortgage60134.48
 Pay for utilities65236.24
 Pay for medications56632.42
 Pay for unexpected expenses82448.37
 Pay for hand sanitiser, disinfectant and face masks58534.07
 Composite hardship score:
 Median=1: mean (SE)=2.21 (0.08)
  • CT, commercial tobacco.