Table 1

Overview of codebook categories

Codebook categoriesDescription
Website descriptionDate of access, URL, country specificity, age restrictions
Product availabilityTypes of EC devices and refills sold: open tank devices, cartridge devices, ‘cigalike’ disposable devices, e-liquid bottles and cartridges
Marketing claims(1) Comparisons with tobacco and health-related claims (including smoking cessation claims), (2) claims relating to product characteristics, (3) financial claims, (4) social claims, (5) claims relating to flavour, nicotine and sensory experiences, (6) claims relating to modernity and convenience, and (7) claims relating to collaborations
CAP code complianceCompliance with each of CAP codes 22.2–22.11
  • CAP, Committee of Advertising Practice; EC, electronic cigarette; URL, Uniform Resource Locator.