Table 2

Appearance of marketing claims across the top 10 EC brand websites in England

Marketing claimsFrequencyExample
Comparisons with tobacco and health-related claims
 ECs as an alternative to smoking10‘Intended for adult smokers seeking a satisfying alternative to cigarettes’
 ECs as less harmful than smoking6‘Clear scientific evidence and the support of governments that vaping ECs is less harmful than smoking’
 ECs as a smoking cessation aid8‘These devices will help you quit smoking’
 ECs as risk-free or harmless4‘You can vape safely knowing that there are no harmful ingredients’
Claims relating to product characteristics
 Product quality10‘We use only high-quality ingredients, conduct rigorous testing, design our products with safety features’
 Personalisation or customisation of the product(s)9‘Keep it sleek and sophisticated with a discreet black carry case, or find one emblazoned with your favourite Marvel character.’
 Availability of different colours9‘Available in 6 different color options to match your style’
 Sustainability or ‘eco-friendliness’ of the product(s)7‘We are taking steps to deliver more sustainable vaping products to you and reduce our impact on the environment. Join us. Together we can be kinder to the planet.’
 Fire safety of the product(s)6‘A range of built-in safety protections, courtesy of the ASP chipset, including overcharge, overheat and short circuit, delivers a secure and long-lasting vaping experience.’
Financial claims
 Vendor promotions or offers10‘Share your stories with us and win a [product)! Comment below about your personal vaping experience’
 Cheaper cost compared with tobacco5‘A cost that is 80% lower than buying a packet of cigarettes’
Social claims
 Reference to an increased ability to socialise7‘People will avoid smokers because they hate the odour(…)when you switch from smoking to vaping, you'll notice that people will want to spend more time with you.’
 ECs not bothering non-smokers or lack of secondhand smoke7‘Vaping doesn't release any irritating substance that could cause disturbance to the people around.’
 Association of ECs with personal identity7‘Brand new designs will help show off your style and personality.’
Claims relating to flavour, nicotine and sensory experiences
 Sensory experiences associated with ECs10‘Providing a smooth and flavorful mouth to lung vape with all the throat hit you may need.’
 Availability of different flavours9‘There is a taste for everyone with over 50 delicious e liquid flavours to choose from’
 Availability of nicotine salts9‘Nicotine salts offer a richer vapour, for a more intense vaping experience.’
 Reference to nicotine strength7‘[brand] offers different strength and flavour options to help you find your satisfaction.’
Claims relating to modernity and convenience
 EC products as ‘modern’ or ‘innovative’10‘Modernising the traditional EC with a sleek design’
 Convenience of use10‘Designed to be convenient, easy-to-use, and satisfying’
Claims relating to collaborations
 Collaborations with celebrities, musicians, artists, brands or other icons4‘Whether it’s big concerts, small jams, art exhibitions, comedy or sports events, you can find [brand] products at the following venues across the UK.’ (logos of clubs and venues)
  • EC, electronic cigarette.