Table 2

Characteristics of e-cigarette brands (N=640) by the number of influencers they collaborated with, the influencers’ user engagement and the number of the influencers’ followers on Instagram in 2020

Geolocation of influencersAverage number of influencers per brandAverage number of influencers’ followers/SD/rangeAverage number of influencers’ followers <18 years old (% of total average followers)/SD/rangeAverage influencers’ engagement rate*
12 most central e-cigarette brands that collaborated with more than 10 (up to 27) influencers:
Voopotech, Innokin, Geekvape, Lostvape, Smok, Vaporesso, Asvape,, Freemax, Wotofo, Augvape, Upends
USA6100 79367 65132 833–153 3253930 (4%)30331274–68813.18
Asia591 16056 8924421–146 7214778 (5%)32901645–707610
Europe523 24113 9118708–43 387267 (1%)/253106–6013.60
33 mid-tier and peripheral e-cigarette brands that collaborated with 5–10 influencers:
Hellvape, Nasty Juice, Smoant, Aspire, Dotmod, Uwell, Mione, Thevapx, Heaven Gifts, Dovpo, Vapefly, Rincoe, Ruthless Ejuice, Moti, Famovape, Hotcig, Joytech, Maskking, Popvapor, Suorin, Twisteliquids, Univapo, Vafflecom, Vape Dinner Lady, Vape Uno, Vapelustion, Loaded Juice, Nevoks, Riot Squad Eliquids, Solacevapor, Teslacig, Vaportech, Vaptio
USA288 02167 7516187–221 4003238 (4%)31070–67142.79
Asia3.5102 54640 41840 650–140 8685074 (5%)32711494–82807.41
Europe327 29714 9919899–50 161360 (1%)2660–10033.38
595 e-cigarette brands† that collaborated with 1–4 influencers:
USA0.473 73862 6076187–221 4002697 (4%)31070–88563.85
Asia1.275 46668 1663140–173 0002973 (4%)39430–10 3809.33
Europe0.818 44616 8052553–58 900194 (1%)2690–10034
  • Brazil and South Africa were excluded from the table, because only two influencers were from these countries.

  • *The engagement rate represents a 6-month average engagement rate per post, which is calculated as a sum of the number of likes and the number of comments divided by the number of followers.

  • †The list of the 595 brand names that were not included in the social network analysis (figure 2) and that collaborated with one to four influencers is available in the online supplemental appendix.