Table 1

Per cent of direct advertising, promotional and price discounting, and total cigarette and smokeless tobacco, marketing expenditures, select years*

CategoriesCigarettesSmokeless tobacco
Direct advertising (%)†78.460.620.
Promotional allowances (%)‡16.735.369.818.911.37.410.718.014.715.215.1
Price discounting (%)‡§
Total marketing expenditures
(in million 2019 dollars)
$2334$5558$10 758$21 088$10 167$7624$178$236$336$684$576
  • Source of data: FDA Cigarette Report, FDA Smokeless Tobacco Report.

  • *Select years were chosen based on representative years and major turning points in marketing allocations.

  • †Direct advertising includes newspapers, magazines, outdoor, direct mail, point of sale, sponsorship endorsements, company website, internet, telephone, audiovisual, social media and other advertising and merchandising.

  • ‡Promotional allowances include allowances paid to wholesalers or retailers to facilitate the sale or placement, including payments for volume rebates, incentive payments, value-added services, promotional execution, and satisfaction of reporting requirements (also called retail value added), provision of branded and non-branded specialty items and promotional allowances (eg, buy two packs, get one free).

  • §Price discounts include payments paid to retailers or wholesalers to reduce the price of cigarettes to consumers, including off-invoice discounts, buydowns, voluntary price reductions and trade programmes, as well as coupons and free samples.

  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration.