Table 2

Summary of countermeasures against the tobacco industry’s CSR activities in Ethiopia

CSR activityCountermeasureAction periodResponsible bodyOutcomes
NTE produced hand sanitiser and distributed it in response to the COVID-19 pandemicEFDA ceased production and distribution2020TIMRT
NTE stopped from producing and distributing COVID-19 prevention materials
MWECS publicly exposed the CSR tacticJune 2020MWECSExposed the TI’s presence behind COVID-19 related CSR activities
Providing scholarships to Ethiopian students to study in JapanCSOs sent a letter expressing concern over Japanese Embassy’s involvement in JTI’s CSR activity2022Consortium of Ethiopian NCD Associations
No change identified
NTE engagement in Tobacco Advertising Promotion and Sponsorship by using the MOU signed with the Customs CommissionNTE used the MOU agreement with government to promote its products. This activity was exposed by MWECS2020MWECSNTE continues engaging in Tobacco Advertising Promotion and Sponsorship
Recognition of NTE as a loyal taxpayerThe tobacco control community strongly criticised the action of the Ministry of Revenue for recognising NTE as a loyal taxpayer2020TIMRT
NTE removed from 2020 award list
  • CSO, civil society organisation; CSR, corporate social responsibility; EFDA, Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority; JTI, Japan Tobacco International; MOU, memorandum of understanding; MWECS, Mathiwos Wondu Ye-Ethiopia Cancer Society; NCD, non-communicable disease; NTE, National Tobacco Enterprise; TI, tobacco industry; TIMRT, Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Response Team.