Table 2

Waste management costs by country income classification

Income classButts (in millions
of tons
Package plastic (in millions of tons)World Bank data range per ton (70–328US$)18 Waste management
cost: current (US$ '000)
OECD data
range per ton (274–406 US$)19
Waste management
cost: additional (US$ '000)
Total waste management
cost (US$ '000)
High income198,670368,474328183,039274.912,266184,835
Upper middle income419,869952,317140184,805274.9131,615216,421
Low middle income158,328333,98811033,407506.1895,471128,878
Low income20,98437,793701,964506.1815,54417,508
Total797,8511,692, 572403,217144 897547 644
  • OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.