Table 1

Demographics and tobacco use history (n=98)

Analysed sample
 Age (years), mean (SD)37.047.43
 What term below best describes your ethnicity? n (%)
 Hispanic or Latino66.12
 Not Hispanic or Latino9293.88
 What term(s) below best describe your race? n (%)
 Black or African–American1919.39
 White or Caucasian6869.39
 Biracial or multiracial1111.22
Below is a list of terms that people often use to describe their sexuality or sexual orientation. Please check the term that best applies to you. n (%)
 What sex were you assigned at birth (what the doctor put on your birth certificate)? n (%)
 What is the highest level of school you have completed? n (%)
 12th grade, no diploma33.06
 High school graduate/GED1717.35
 Some college, no degree /associates degree5354.08
 Bachelor’s degree/master’s degree2525.51
 Which of the following categories best describes your total household income in the past 12 months? n (%)
 Less than $35 0004242.86
 $35 000–$149 9995657.14
 On average, about how many cigarettes do you currently smoke each day? (one pack usually equals 20 cigarettes) (mean, SD)11.905.49
 Years smoked at this frequency (mean, SD)15.859.83
 Usual brand of store-bought cigarettes, n (%)
 American Spirit44.08
 Years smoked this brand of cigarettes (mean, SD)10.168.02
 Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence Score (mean, SD)3.442.16
 Other tobacco product use in past 30 days (n, %)
 Pipe (with tobacco, not including hookah)22.04
 Cigars (like Cohiba or Romeo y Julieta)44.08
 Little cigars or filtered cigars22.04
 e-cigarette or vaping device (like JUUL, blu, Vuse, MarkTen or Suorin)1717.35
 Smokeless tobacco (like chewing tobacco, snuff or dip)22.04
 Snus (like Camel Snus)00.00
 Hookah/shisha/waterpipe/hookah tobacco22.04