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Evaluating the pictorial warnings on tobacco products in Arabian Gulf countries against other international pictorial warnings
Nasser F BinDhim, Kevin McGeechan, Anwar K T Alanazi, Hossam M S Alanazi, Sasoun A J Alanazi, Solaiman M Al-Hadlaq, Hisham Aljadhey, Tariq M Alhawassi, Nadia A Alghamdi, Ahmed M Shaman, Meshari S Alquwayzani, Mada H Basyouni

19 April 2018

Contribution of smoking to socioeconomic inequalities in mortality: a study of 14 European countries, 1990–2004
G Gregoraci, F J van Lenthe, B Artnik, M Bopp, P Deboosere, K Kovács, C W N Looman, P Martikainen, G Menvielle, F Peters, B Wojtyniak, R de Gelder, J P Mackenbach, for the DEMETRIQ consortium, Johannes KlotzSee the full list of authors

19 April 2017

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