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Messaging about very low nicotine cigarettes (VLNCs) to influence policy attitudes, harm perceptions and smoking motivations: a discrete choice experiment
Reed M Reynolds, Lucy Popova, David L Ashley, Katherine C Henderson, Charity A Ntansah, Bo Yang, Emily E Hackworth, James Hardin, James Thrasher

28 September 2022

Non-compliant packaging and illicit smokeless tobacco in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan: findings of a pack analysis
S M Abdullah, Rumana Huque, Kamran Siddiqi, Mona Kanaan, Samina Huque, Safat Ullah, Suneela Garg, Mongjam Meghachandra Singh, Chetana Deshmukh, Amod L Borle, Romaina Iqbal, Laraib Mazhar, Mark Parascandola, Ravi Mehrotra, Ray CroucherSee the full list of authors

27 September 2022

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