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  • Address smoking in student nurses
    Edwin van Teijlingen

    Ohida et al. provide us with an useful overview of smoking amongst female nurses in Japan. They suggest that smoking cessation programmes should be incorporated into nursing education and in-hospital education. This is an important health education recommendation, especially since tobacco consumption is relatively high amongst student nurses. For example, we found that in Scotland nursing students were more likely to...

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  • Congratulations on launching eTC
    Ron Davis

    Dear editor:

    I'm not sure if this electronic letter meets your guideline that it "contribute substantially to the topic under discussion," but I do want to congratulate you for moving "Tobacco Control" into cyberspace. eTC looks great, and will be an invaluable service to tobacco reseachers and tobacco control advocates throughout the world.

    Ron Davis Henry Ford Health System Detroit, Michigan, USA rdavi...

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  • Gloria Tuttle

    Dear Jane,

    Thank you for sharing your story about your tobacco chewing habit and that you quit this terrible habit. It makes me proud to know that my husband Bill was the initiating factor in your decision to quit. I know it was a very hard thing to do, and I applaud you for your strength to do so. I only wish my husband had had someone tell him the devastating effects of chewing tobacco. I miss my husband v...

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